PC Repair

We repair laptop and desktop computers. Power jacks, screen problems, overheating we can fix all of these problems and more. Contact us today!

Virus Removal

Malware and Viruses on your PC can slow it down to a crawl or prevent it from even booting. Malware can also track what you are doing on your PC and potentially even steal your personal information.

Performance Upgrades

Adding Memory (RAM) or and SSD to your PC can dramatically improve it’s performance.

Tune Ups

Dust buildup inside of your PC causes heat which can slow performance and shorten your computers life. We will clean your PC’s hardware and tune up it’s software to keep it running like new.

Data Recovery

Do you have important data on your failed hard drive. We can recover data from your failing drive.

Data Backup

Data Backup is extremely Important. Hardware fails and when it does you can lose your data. Let us help you back up your data the right way so this doesn’t happen to you.


We install and secure wireless home and small business networks. Let us check your current configuration for vulnerabilities.

Web Development

Personal and small business web development using WordPress.

Web Hosting

Host your website with a us. We Affordable web hosting for your personal or small business website.

Custom Built Computers

Custom built systems for any need whether you need a high end gaming pc or an audio or video editing workstation.